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Report: Nancy's Hustle Team Announces New Restaurant

Tiny Champions will serve pizza and other fermented goodies.

By Timothy Malcolm February 28, 2020

Have you ever dined at Nancy's Hustle and thought, 'Man, I just wish there was more of this?' Prayers answered.

The team behind one of Houston's best restaurants is creating a new concept, according to a report from CultureMap. It's called Tiny Champions, and it'll be specialize in natural fermentation. So that means pizzas and veggie dishes. They'll be served with wine and cocktails, per the report.

It'll open at 2716 McKinney St., three blocks from Nancy's.

Here's the release from pastry chef Julia Doran:

"The team behind Nancy’s Hustle will bring a new restaurant to Houston in the fall of 2020, located at 2716 McKinney st. With a focus on natural fermentation (the tiny champions of flavor), we will offer naturally leavened pizza, a variety of funky fermented vegetable dishes, tasty wine and cocktails. It will be by Tiny Champions, of Tiny Champions and for Tiny Champions."

The Nancy's team—Doran, executive chef Jason Vaughan, and beverage director Sean Jensen—is just the latest group getting into the Houston pizza revolution. You can find awesome takes on Neapolitan pie at relative newcomers Rosie Cannonball, Rosalie, the Gypsy Poet, and Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co., and long-fermented Roman pizza at B.O.H Pasta & Pizza at Bravery Chef Hall.

And that's not all: Austin import Southside Flying Pizza came to town in 2019, and Home Slice Pizza will arrive later this year.

The report says you might see Tiny Champions also open later this year. We'll be waiting.

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