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Find Houston Restaurant Favorites, Local Products at H-E-B

The grocery chain is supporting chefs and producers through new partnerships.

By Timothy Malcolm April 3, 2020

H-E-B is now selling take-and-bake (or re-heatable) meals from local restaurants.

Want to make Chris Shepherd's famous Korean braised goat and dumplings? You could consult his cookbook Cook Like a Local, or you could cut the steps entirely and just pick up a pretty close facsimile from Shepherd's team at H-E-B.

The major chain grocery has teamed up with Shepherd's Underbelly Hospitality, along with Bravery Chef Hall's Cherry Block Craft Butchery and Brennan's of Houston, to bring restaurant-quality meals to Houstonians in the form of take-and-bake or re-heatable packaging. It's a helpful option as we try to figure out how to eat locally at a time when COVID-19 has altered our dining landscape.

From Shepherd, you can get something close to the goat and dumplings in the form of Korean braised beef and dumplings. You'll also find a wagyu version of Shepherd's Lamburger Helper, chicken tenders with macaroni and cheese, King Ranch chicken, and a tater tot and bacon sausage casserole. 

Cherry Block is contributing five items, according to the Chronicle, including smoked ham hock gumbo. We're a big fan of Cherry Block chef Jessica DeSham Timmons's gumbo skills, so consider that. Brennan's, meanwhile, will feature its classic turtle soup, per the Chronicle.

You can find the items at 10 H-E-Bs in the Houston area, including Heights, Buffalo Heights, Montrose, San Felipe, Bellaire, and Meyerland. Also, according to the report, H-E-B will be giving all profits made from the re-heatable meals to the restaurants that made them.

This comes on the heels of H-E-B's recent agreement with Bread Man Baking Co to get Tasos Katsaounis's beloved breads into its bakeries. You can find pain de mie, country sourdough batard, and whole wheat sourdough batard at the market.

"They came as a savior to us, to be honest," says Katsaounis, whose main source of revenue is selling his breads to restaurants across the city. "It's a bittersweet time but I'm filled with gratitude and hope from this new union. (H-E-B President) Scott McClelland and H-E-B saved my business."  

And FYI: If you miss Bread Man's loaves but don't feel like visiting the grocery store, Katsaounis is also hosting pop-up bake sales throughout the city at Dandelion Cafe (Mondays), White Elm Bakery & Cafe (Wednesdays), and Whiskey Cake Katy (Fridays). Hospitality workers affected by COVID-19 or its consequences can stop by any pop-up to pick up some bread on the house.

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