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Virtual Food Hall Partners with Popular Burger Concept

If you want burger-chan, just go online and order it starting Monday.

By Timothy Malcolm September 30, 2020

The Tejano burger from burger-chan, available starting Monday through CLICK Virtual Food Hall.

If you're missing the goods from burger-chan and can't wait until it opens its West Alabama location, don't despair. The popular burgers from Diane and Willet Feng will be available starting Monday through CLICK Virtual Food Hall.

Steven Salazar, co-founder of CLICK, says the pairing was a no-brainer. He and the Fengs are friends, and when they closed their Greenway Plaza location in August, they started talking with Salazar about bringing the food to CLICK, an incubator kitchen with eight virtual restaurants, catering options, and in-house delivery service.

"There was a gap there between them leaving Greenway and opening the West Alabama location," says Salazar. "They said, 'Hey, we'd like some continuity.' So on Monday, we'll start delivering burger-chan."

CLICK will feature five burgers from burger-chan. They include the classic, spicy, mushroom Swiss, and patty melt on rye, plus a new creation from Willet Feng and CLICK chef and co-founder Gabriel Medina called the Tejano burger, with queso fresco ranch sauce and pickled habaneros. Also, burger-chan's plain and bacon cheddar tots will be available through CLICK.

To prepare for the collaboration, the Fengs trained the CLICK staff in making a burger-chan burger, all the way down to how to wrap the red-and-white-checkered paper around each item. The ingredients are all the same too. It's all burger-chan, just through a now-established, delivery-first, virtual food hall.

"We need to respect what burger-chan does. We need to maintain that integrity of standards," Salazar says. "When you take a bite of a burger it should taste like Willet made it for you."

Meanwhile, the Fengs are hoping to open the 5353 W Alabama St location, part of the Braun Enterprises's mixed-use development, 53 West, in early 2021. For that location, the Fengs are applying for a TABC beer and wine license and will also be featuring non-burger lunch and dinner specials. They'll have an indoor dining room and possible outdoor patio space. But until then, CLICK is your destination for burger-chan.

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