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Israeli Steakhouse Owners Unveil Badolina Bakery in Rice Village

Know how the bread program at Doris Metropolitan is really good? Well ...

By Timothy Malcolm March 4, 2021

Green cake from Badolina.

Anyone who's been to Israeli steakhouse Doris Metropolitan knows the bread program is pretty life-affirming. So a bakery from those folks? Good idea.

Badolina Bakery & Cafe will open this spring at 5555 Morningside Dr in Rice Village, neighboring Hamsa, the soon-to-open modern Israeli restaurant from the same team. 

Owners Itai Ben Eli, Sash Kurgan, and Itamar Leavy will showcase made-to-order pastries, baked goods, breads, and more from Doris Metropolitan executive pastry chef and partner Michal Micheali. This is her moment to step out into the spotlight; in fact, Badolina refers to a popular Israeli storybook about taking control of one's destiny. So, Micheali's childhood recipes will inspire many of the items, but along with that will be an exploration of other cultures, influenced by her travels. 

“Badolina will take you on a journey that you have yet to experience. The textures and combination of flavor profiles are something we are excited to share with you all,” said Michaeli in a press release. 

Badolina will take up 1,500 square feet and will likely be open from morning until evening. At the start it will offer curbside service, and customers can both pre-order and go to the counter. Plus, Badolina will have outdoor seating, courtesy of a patio that will be shared with Hamsa.

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