Heartbeet is the latest plant-based concept to arrive in Memorial. 

Image: Jenn Duncan

the eclectic hospitality group that's brought us beloved eateries like Hungry’s, Baba Yega, and Next Door, has now has launched a new plant-based restaurant. Hungry's Concepts clever new hot-spot Heartbeet, has a goal to expand and reinvigorate healthy eating by providing nutritional options. 

The thought of expansion began with the founder Fred Sharifi, and co-owner Ashkan Nowamooz. With 45 years of serving food under the duo's belt, these restaurant veterans are ushering in the new generation by bringing on their new Vice President of Development, Nousha Nowamooz. Nowamooz will help capitalize on the nation’s burgeoning interest in healthy living. "Overall, we’re expanding on the health and wellness we receive from nature and really capitalizing on feeding your body nutritional food. Eat more plants. That’s what we believe," she shared. 

Since 2016, the demand for plant-based options grew much larger than anticipated for the mainstay restaurant. "It started with our plant-based daily special, then we added brunch items, and we received a lot of positive feedback from our customers一including more kid-friendly options," said executive chef Sue Nowamooz. From there, the two families decided to cultivate a space devoted solely to plant-based offerings. 

Heartbeet boasts fresh-pressed juices.

Image: Jenn Duncan

Customers can expect a variety of plant-based options to explore, like the Citrus-Marinated "Ceviche" and Seitan "Gyros" Plate. For lighter options, the new concept has Chickpea Penne and Wild Mushroom Pasta along with the Roasted Beet "Poke" Bowl. The restaurant’s beverage program includes freshly pressed juices and popular cocktails with a "green twist" including the Cucumber Martini and the Spicy Pineapple Margarita, making the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Additionally, the plant-forward restaurant was designed by Erin Hicks and features an eye-catching mural by local Houston artist Shelbi Nicole.

Heartbeet boasts an organic atmosphere with open seating, smooth mahogany countertops, clean wood panels beneath your feet, and creatively placed greenery to set the scene for every meal. This blend of tasty cooking with an environmentally chic setting is certain to please both the eye and palate.

Heartbeet is now open and is located at 14714 Memorial Drive, located next to Hungry’s in Memorial. For more information on Heartbeet, please visit heartbeeteats.com or follow-on Instagram @heartbeetbyhungrys

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