Breakfast On The Move

Grab Breakfast On-The-Go at These 8 Restaurants

Add a stop to your morning commute.

By Shelby Stewart January 12, 2022


Grab breakfast on the go at these local eateries. 

We've heard the phrase that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But in a city like Houston, things can get in the way一whether you're trying to beat the traffic on your morning commute, or getting a head start on work, the most important meal could easily be missed. 

But luckily, Clutch City has the answer. Even if you can't sit down and enjoy a full breakfast, there are a few spots that specialize in light bites and handheld offerings, so you can eat your breakfast on the go. 

Below, find 8 restaurants for quick to-go breakfast. 

La Mexicana


At La Mexicana, breakfast tacos are the name of the game. The former supermarket was revitalized into a restaurant, where the Treviño family serves up some of the best一and cost-effective breakfast tacos. You can order the traditional bacon and egg, or live on the wild side and get the Machacado Taco. 

La Mexicana, 1018 Fairview Street. For more information, visit

EggHaus Gourmet


The egg-focused menu at EggHaus Gourmet will surely turn even the biggest grouch into a morning person. Jumpstart your day at the fast-casual restaurant. If you're looking for light bites, grab a croissant, but if you want something a little more hearty, try the pretzel grilled cheese. Plus, most meals are served in deli paper, making it perfect for an on-the-go meal. 

EggHaus Gourmet, 2042 East TC Jester. For more information, visit,

Kaffeine Coffee


The Black-owned coffee shop, Kaffeine Coffee is located at the heart of Almeda, serving up a breakfast croissant that is to die for. Due to COVID, the coffee shop's indoor seating has remained closed, but there is room on the patio. Employees take orders via their walk-up ordering system, and if you're in a rush, ask for your meal to be wrapped in foil. 

Kaffeine Coffee, 5225 Almeda Road. For more information visit,

Kolache Shoppe


You can never go wrong with a kolache. The hearty bakery item can be stuffed with just about anything, and the Kolache Shoppe does just that. Unique finds on the menu include the ham and swiss, and their Texas-favorite, brisket, or boudin kolache. If you are looking for something sweet over savory, the bakery also carries fruit and cottage cheese-filled kolaches. 

 Kolache Shoppe Richmond, 3945 Richmond Avenue. Heights, 1031 Heights Boulevard. For more information, visit,

Segundo Coffee Lab


If you enjoy a rustic aesthetic and picture-perfect plates, Segundo Coffee Lab is the place for you. The coffee shop is part of a mixed-use development near Second Ward. Grab some tacos for the whole office, or a scone to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Segundo Coffee Lab, 711 Milby Street. For more information, visit

The Hot Bagel Shop


Do you like your bagels with Everything seasoning, or perhaps a smear of strawberry cream cheese? No matter the choice, you can have it your way at The Hot Bagel Shop. Try one of their many bagel selections, or go for a more nourishing choice such as the mini dogs or the kolaches. 

The Hot Bagel Shop, 2015 S Shepherd Dr #900. For more information, visit,



If you're a slowpoke一especially in the mornings一you're in good company at the eponymous coffee shop. Order some of their signature house brew and enjoy the duality of their breakfast menu: keep it light with a simple berry parfait, or if you're looking for something heavier, opt for the salmon bagel or the breakfast biscuit. 

Slowpokes, Garden Oaks, 1203 W. 34th Street, Suite D. Kirby Grove, 2925 Richmond Avenue, #120. Spring Branch, 8147 B Long Point Road. For more information, visit,

 River Oaks Doughnut Shop


The amazing thing about doughnuts is that they're not confined to any one season or time. Summer afternoons or winter mornings are both perfect for the sweet, doughy, goodness. If you want more than your typical glaze, stop by River Oaks Doughnut Shop. The bakery specializes in both custom and gluten-free options. Plus, if you bring doughnuts for the whole office, are you really considered late?

River Oaks Doughnut Shop, 3601 Westheimer Road. For more information, visit,

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