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5 Banana Puddings That Are Sure to Hit the Spot

Indulge yourself in this classic, sweet, and Southern treat.

By Joanna O'Leary

We all know that those slightly-too-old bananas make for a great bread, but let's give it up for a down-home favorite: banana pudding. Whether it’s served straight-up or adorned with cream and crunchy bits, banana pudding is soothing, spoon-coating comfort food. Looking for your fix? Here are five Houston places that have been puddin’ nanners to good use:

The pretty banana pudding at B.B. Lemon.

B.B. Lemon

Despite what its name might suggest, B.B. Lemon does not exclusively showcase the appeal of citrus fruits. No, it also has a terrific signature banana pudding. Served parfait style in a jar with alternating layers of mousse and vanilla wafer crumbles, the pudding is finished with a crown of toasted meringue. It can be enjoyed as a dine-in ($6) or delivery ($8) treat.


This Heights-area beer garden and restaurant specializes in Southern-style eats, such as brisket mac and cheese, fried catfish, and chicken-fried steak. It also offers customers a number of ways to end their meal on a sugary note, and while you might be tempted by a gorgeous (and admittedly delectable) slice of diner cake, we suggest a more moderate indulgence of a small banana pudding topped with whipped cream. The subtle sweetness is a better complement to the hefty entrées, and if you really still have a lot of room for dessert, the pudding also comes in a large size.

Guzel Cakes

Local dessert maker Guzel assigns cute monikers to its pudding flavors; for example, the bourbon praline variety is called "It’s Complicated." The banana pudding is "Love You More," and, indeed, there are few puddings we could love more. Guzel’s version is extra thick and studded with whole vanilla wafers. You can order the banana pudding directly from Guzel’s, or find it at local restaurants, including Mico’s Hot Chicken

Sugar Rush Cake Gallery

Two formidable dimensions of dairy desserts collide at Sugar Rush, where lurking underneath the banana pudding is ... cheesecake? Yes, you read that correctly. While the spot near South Loop West and Stella Link Road does serve “regular” banana pudding, insiders know to spring for the decadent cheesecake edition for an exponentially creamier experience. 

Red Dessert Dive

Boasting some intense flavor, Red Dessert Dive’s pudding is not for those seeking only a “blush” of banana and is therefore perfect for real potassium-lovers. Its dense texture pleasantly borders on custard and requires some hefty scooping, so we suggest eschewing plastic utensils for optimal leverage. Whole vanilla wafers top the dish too. Planning a prolonged pudding binge? You can also purchase 9-inch-by-13-inch trays of the good stuff from the Dive.

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