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Our 13 Favorite Coffee Cocktails in Houston

Coffee cocktails are cool again, and we’re totally here for It.

By Daniel Renfrow Published in the Winter 2022 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Booze and perk up at Double Trouble Caffeine & Cocktails.

Image: Vivian Leba

Like it or not, TikTok has resuscitated a few flagging trends from the past, some more welcome than others. One we’re toasting to is the return of the espresso martini, now popping up on cocktail menus at a variety of Houston hot spots—alongside, of course, myriad new seasonal cocktails.

Double Trouble Caffeine & Cocktails owner Robin Berwick was an early adopter of the new espresso martini movement. Her tropical-inspired coffee shop and bar, located in Houston’s eclectic Mid Main neighborhood, is now home to the largest coffee cocktail menu in the city, with a whopping 14 coffee-powered cocktails from which to choose—including six varieties of espresso martinis. 

“I think a lot of people feel more comfortable ordering a cocktail in daylight hours when it has coffee in it,” said Berwick, whose coffee shop and bar opens at 11 a.m. “You can order a coffee cocktail at one o’clock in the afternoon without facing the judgment you might get from ordering something like a dirty martini that early in the day.” 

If you’re as amped as we are to experience the buzz, here are 13 of our favorite coffee cocktails in Houston.

Le Jardinier

This polished restaurant by The Bastion Collection, located inside the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, has an innovative cocktail program featuring some pretty stellar zero-proof cocktails. The Cardi-Brew, one of our favorites, is a coffee mocktail made with delicious layers of cold brew, cardamon, cinnamon, and oat milk.

GJ Tavern


GJ Tavern may be small in size, but it’s always big on flavor. The chic Theater District hot spot is a perfect place to sip and savor before heading off to a show. And if you’re in need of a quick pick-me-up ahead of the curtain going up, the tavern’s Carajillo, a simple mixture of espresso and Liqueur 43, is sure to do the trick.

Georgia James Tavern's Carajillo.

Double Trouble Caffeine & Cocktails

Trashy Chai

Although it has chai in its name, this cocktail is equally coffee powered. Double Trouble’s silky-smooth Trashy Chai is a mixture of Jamaican rum, coconut syrup, and equal parts cold brew concentrate and chai concentrate. Garnished with an orange peel and served in a coupe, this drink is far from trashy—although if you order one too many, you might find yourself thoroughly trashed.


Return to Sender

Brandon Freed's Return to Sender, available at iconic cocktail bar Julep, is a delightful mix of Blackstrap Rum, sweet vermouth, cold brew, citrus bitters, vanilla, and tonic that you’ll want to tell all your friends about.

Try the Return to Sender at Julep.

Gatsby’s Prime Seafood

La Pavoni

Newly opened, 1920s-inspired seafood restaurant Gatsby’s Prime Seafood is about all things luxe, and that extends to its cocktail menu. If you’re looking for a coffee cocktail creative enough to satisfy your inner Nick Carraway, look no further than the La Pavoni, a tempting blend of bourbon, Amaro Nonino, espresso, Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur, and orange zest.

Gatsby’s Prime Seafood's La Pavoni.

Tacos A Go Go

TAGG Horchata Latte

Tacos A Go Go’s new Greenway Plaza location may be known for its killer tacos and its penchant for experimentation, but we’re equally fascinated by its expanded bar program and coffee offerings. While there are several coffee cocktails available at the new location, our favorite is the TAGG Horchata Latte, which features housemade horchata, espresso, and Abasolo Mexican whiskey—served iced or hot.

Betelgeuse Betelgeuse

Espresso Martini

Sixth Ward’s new outpost for all things kitsch has a coffee cocktail on its menu that is just about as good as its pizza—almost. Betelgeuse Betelgeuse’s aptly named Espresso Martini is a delightful mix of Haku Vodka, cold brew, simple syrup, and coffee liqueur that is indulgent enough to have you feeling like you’re one of the biggest stars in the galaxy.

Betelgeuse Betelgeuse's Espresso Martini is an indulgent treat.


For coffee lovers, Italian chophouse Marmo offers the Caffè Corretto, a coffee-based cocktail featuring a delicious blend of Bánhez mezcal, Licor 43, coffee, vanilla, and spiced chocolate. It’s the perfect boozy beverage to sip on the restaurant’s cozy patio during Houston’s cooler months. 

Kin Dee

Charming Thai Heights hot spot Kin Dee features a special off-menu coffee-based cocktail that you should most definitely order. Crafted with a decidedly Thai flair, the Kopee is a delightful blend of Thai tea, coffee, and Spirit of Thailand.

The Kopee at Kin Dee is an off-menu treat.

Image: Alex Montoya

Heights & Co.

Irish Coffee Cocktail

Heights & Co. recently expanded their menu, adding the Irish Coffee Cocktail to their brunch offerings. The cocktail, made with locally roasted coffee, a blend of Irish whiskeys, a house-made pumpkin spice buttercream—all topped with freshly shaved nutmeg—is a perfect drink to enjoy outdoors on the restaurant’s patio.


Cajun-Creole favorite Eunice, beloved for its brasserie-style menu, has gotten into the coffee cocktail game with a well-caffeinated, New Orleans-inspired marvel. The restaurant’s Espresso Martini,  made from a simple mix of Licor 43 and St. George Nola coffee liqueur, is an after-dinner treat that gives off strong French Quarter vibes.

The Espresso Martini at Eunice is a New Orleans-inspired marvel.

Image: Duc Hoang


West Houston Mexican staple Maize is celebrated for its authentic menu and inspired cocktails. Equally worth celebrating is a certain tequila-powered coffee cocktail that graces its menu. The 1921 Mexican Coffee is an invigorating blend of tequila cream, Kahlúa, and espresso that packs quite a punch.

The Original Ninfa’s

Although The Original Ninfa’s is known for its signature cocktails, like the Ninfarita, there are other great cocktails on its menu that don’t come with a salt or sugar rim. One of our favorites of these is the Ninfa’s Espresso Martini, a boozy marvel that features pecan-infused vodka, coffee liquor, Katz espresso, and Aztec chocolate bitters.



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