AFTER ALL THE TIME WE’VE COLLECTIVELY SPENT INDOORS IN RECENT MONTHS, taking a repast al fresco may be just what the doctor ordered in the last days before the sweltering Houston summer truly sets in. But what is a Houstonian to do about actually pulling together a summer picnic? Sure, you could buy some meats and cheeses and go the sandwich route, but even Yogi Bear might turn up his nose at a “pic-a-nic” basket containing such a meh meal. Why take such a prosaic approach to outdoor dining when you can easily draw on some of the finest culinary minds in town to cook and mix up your very own multicourse spread to be enjoyed by you and yours on some fine summer day?

We asked a few of our favorite chefs and beverage professionals across Houston for their favorite summer recipes. From those suggestions we designed a whole meal for you—a fresh salad, some fried chicken, a delectable side, and a tasty sweet for dessert, along with a cocktail recipe and some wine recommendations, all culled from the minds behind some of the best restaurants and bars in town.

So keep these recipes handy, find the right day, and enjoy the fun spent whipping up—and wolfing down—this scrumptious feast.

In This Feature:

This Tamago Sando Recipe is the Perfect Side for Your Picnic

The Japanese-style omelet is the key component of this delicate sandwich, bringing a sweet balance to the meal.

06/09/2020 By Timothy Malcolm

The Perfect Fried Chicken Recipe for Your Picnic

Douse it in Bobby Matos's sambal honey, and you've got the ultimate twist on a summertime classic.

06/09/2020 By Timothy Malcolm

The Perfect Dessert Recipe for Your Summer Picnic

Rebecca Masson's sweet ginger molasses cookies are a zesty bite of soft, chewy goodness.

06/09/2020 By Timothy Malcolm

The Best Wines for Your Summer Picnic

You don't need champagne to enjoy a fried chicken lunch.

06/09/2020 By Timothy Malcolm

Try This Tom Collins Recipe at Your Next Summer Picnic

This cocktail is the perfect kick-off for a fun afternoon.

06/09/2020 By Timothy Malcolm