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A Word of Warning About This Month's Issue

Tacos + beer + Astros + Houstonians = trouble.

By Catherine Matusow March 28, 2018 Published in the April 2018 issue of Houstonia Magazine

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In thinking about how our April issue has come together, I’m reminded of an ex-uncle of mine. He was—still is—a nice, quirky, silver-haired man. At large family gatherings, this nice man always did one thing, a thing that never failed to induce furtive snickering and eye-rolling in my cousins and me. He would look your way, homing in, before coming at you with pointed finger and a grin.

“Uh-oh,” he would say, amused. “You better watch out for this one. This one’s trouble.” He couldn’t help himself; he had to say it; and, for as long as he and my dear aunt were married, we had to submit. Sometimes, we even beat him to the punch, declaring ourselves trouble before he had the chance.

Curiously, this month I find myself gripped by the same impulse, wanting to grin impishly and point at this magazine and offer you, dear reader, a ridiculous warning about its contents, a grouping of features with  an odd cohesiveness that we couldn’t have planned if we tried.

Allow me to break it down for you. First, there’s this month’s ultimate guide to the baseball season ahead for all the rabid Astros fans who can’t get enough of our band of World Series–winning heroes (so, pretty much all of us, right?). Then there’s our story about two of Houston’s favorite things, tacos and beer, featuring our definitive list of the greatest tortilla-wrapped creations in the city, curated by Marco Torres, bona fide taco journalist—how many other towns have one of those?—plus the tastiest local brews to pair with them.

Finally, there’s this month’s travel story, about a trip to lovely Todos Santos, Mexico, the research for which was conducted by a group of Houstonians, yours truly among them, who descended upon the Baja California town during the World Series last fall. They cheered on their team and ate and drank copious amounts of tacos and beer before coming perilously close to getting tossed from their chic hotel. There’s really no better way to encapsulate that story than “tacos + beer + Astros + Houstonians = trouble.” Well, that or “Dodgers fans suck.”

I told you! You better watch out for this one.

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