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Try These 5 Smoothies to Beat the Heat

From fruity favorites to spicy selections, these days there's a smoothie out there for everyone.

By Kayla Stewart May 11, 2015

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There are few things quite as satisfying as a refreshing smoothies on hot summer day in Texas. What was once a simple blend of fruit, ice and yogurt has now evolved to options including vegetables, chile peppers and ever-changing energy boosts. The update is well-received though, as new trends in smoothie-making have become irresistible for many.

As the temperature heats up, we’ve found five smoothies you need to try, from fruity favorites to spicy selections—with this sort of variety, there's truly something for everyone.

Tropical Slider
Island Grill

This Mediterranean favorite also makes an fine smoothie in addition to an all-day menu of healthy favorites (there are even breakfast pitas here!). While I've enjoyed every smoothie I've tried at Island Grill, the Tropical Slider gets a standing ovation. The “smooogeee,” as Island Grill so eloquently calls it, consists of cherry cider, pineapple, strawberries, carrots and ginger. The carrots and ginger pack an unexpected punch, and the strawberries successfully keeps the satisfying blend from being overly sour.

Bee Hive
Juicy in the Sky

While the Beatles’ reference alone is enough to make me fall in love with this smoothie shop on Washington Avenue, the Bee Hive seals the deal. The bee pollen, something I didn’t even know could be blended into a smoothie, was enough to draw me in. It’s paired with mango, peach, orange juice and cayenne, making it a sweet, yet peppery treat.

Retreat Yo’Self
Big & Juicy Juice Bar

This smoothie bar is located inside of BIG Power Yoga, so expect to see some sweaty post-workout customers. Refresh along with them with the Retreat Yo’Self, a cool, satisfying blend of mango, cucumber, lime, cilantro, coconut and good ol’ H20. The folks at Big & Juicy use the freshest produce available, and it shows in their tasty creations.

Blue Moon
Whole Foods Market (Kirby location)

The impressive selection at this grocery store smoothie bar makes it difficult to select just one smoothie from their line-up. Blue Moon makes a great case, thanks to a hearty blend of coconut water, soy blend, banana and blueberry. This heavenly drink takes one back to the elementary school days of banana-infused snacks, but brings you back to adulthood with the strong presence of blueberries.

Strong Like Bull
Flow Juice Bar

I typically don’t like protein power in my smoothies, but the Strong Like Bull manages to be a smoothie that boosts your energy (and muscles) while also maintaining the fruity appeal. The cantaloupe is the best part of the smoothie, as it’s not a common fruit used in smoothies. The apple and orange increases the tanginess, and the banana balances all of the diverse flavors.


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