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Staying Fit On the Road: How to Keep Running While Traveling

Yes, it's possible.

By Kayla Stewart November 23, 2015

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For the average traveler, booking a trip reservation that works well with a running schedule isn’t exactly first on the list. For some, though, it’s a necessity.  

Staying fit on the road can be difficult, depending on where you’re going. I’ve navigated everything from the streets of Turin (a runner’s dream) to village roads in West Africa (slightly more difficult). The truth is, with proper planning, you can turn just about any location into a perfect training spot.   

Book hotels with gyms  

Hotels list their amenities on their homepages. Check out on-site gym photos to make sure the hotel has the equipment that you need. It’s a lot easier to get those speed runs in on vacation when a well-equipped gym is right downstairs.    

Find nearby running routes through apps/social media

Apps like MapMyRun and Runner’s World Go give users the chance to select running routes that prior runners have tried out in a nearby area. The GPS locates the runner and shows all available recorded routes. This is an easy, safe way for runners to try out a new route and get to know a city.      

Keep “cheat meals” to a minimum  

Okay, okay, hear me out. You’re traveling, so you’re certainly entitled to some good food and drinks. If you’re in the middle of training, though, it’s important to make sure those cheat meals don’t go overboard. Over-indulging leads to sluggishness, making it difficult to motivate for that 5-miler. It can also affect your run times, which isn’t desirable for those looking to set a new PR in an upcoming race. Try to plan workouts on days you know you’ll be relatively good, and keep healthy snacks and meals options around.       

Squeeze a race/event into your vacation activities  

Destination races are always fun. They can be a part of a training program, and you get to see new areas of the town you’re visiting while also burning calories. Check out Running in the USA for a complete list of upcoming races around the country, ranging anywhere from 1K’s to full marathons.        

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