IT STARTED WITH THE VAGUEST OF GOOD INTENTIONS. Back in 1939 a Houston cotton trader named Monroe D. Anderson, a transplant from Tennessee, died and left a portion of his fortune—roughly $19 million—to a foundation he’d established for “the betterment and welfare of mankind.” It was the largest charitable organization Texas had ever seen, and the executors of Anderson’s estate sought to find a way to benefit the most people. That ultimately led to 134 acres of Houston swampland transforming into a “city of medicine,” a place where the most cutting-edge techniques, treatments, and approaches to combatting disease would all be located. So when Covid-19 swept the globe earlier this year, it was no surprise that Houston doctors stepped up, working to understand this new disease, to find treatments, vaccines, and whatever else has been needed to help Houston, and the rest of the world, grasp how to combat an invisible enemy. We at Houstonia spoke with some of the selfless medical professionals on the frontlines in this battle. Here are their stories.

In This Feature:

Two "Average Joes" Helping Houston's At-Risk Communities

Dr. Joseph Gathe and Dr. Joseph Varon started the Cure Covid Consortium to fight the virus.

09/04/2020 By Gwendolyn Knapp

Dr. Peter Hotez and His Team Are Searching for the Covid-19 Vaccine

Finding a treatment while telling the world to "please stay safe."

09/04/2020 By Jeff Balke

An Old Tuberculosis Vaccine Might Be the Key to Fighting Covid-19

Dr. Jeffrey D. Cirillo and scientists at Texas A&M are researching the century-old treatment.

09/04/2020 By Timothy Malcolm

Could This Device Help Save Covid-19 Patients Before the ICU?

A device that counts T-cells on the quick could help identify the most vulnerable patients.

09/04/2020 By Emma Schkloven

The Public Face of Houston's Fight Against Covid-19

Something bad has happened if you're seeing Dr. David Persse on TV.

09/04/2020 By Catherine Wendlandt