Clean as a Whistle

7 Things Houstonians Didn't Know They Needed To Clean

Your home isn't clean until you've cleaned these areas.

By Shelby Stewart January 5, 2022

This month, make sure you deep clean your home. 

With the new year here, Houstonians have hopefully prepped a few resolutions for 2022. More importantly, January is a great month to deep clean your home. But, have you managed to clean everything? How about under the stove, or the pile of dust atop your ceiling fan (I say to myself). And what about all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies? 

Don't start this year off with a somewhat cleaned home. Leave no stone unturned this year when it comes to tidying up your nest, after all, it's looking like this winter we will still need to quarantine. 

Below, find 7 places in your Houston home that desperately need to be cleaned. 

HVAC Vents

When springtime rolls around, Houston may have beautiful weather, but allergens are also at an all-time high. While we can't necessarily fight the dander outdoors, we can reduce it inside our homes. Did you know a dirty HVAC vent can contain dirt, hair, and dust? Take time this month to clean your HVAC vents so that fresh air can flow through. 

Light Switches

While COVID-19 still remains a growing concern across the nation, it's important to keep even the smallest of things sanitized going into the new year. Light switches in a home are some of the most commonly touched objects, so a Clorox wipe or Lysol should do. 


Your bedroom may be dirtier than you think. In your sleep, we shed hair and dead skin cells. You should wash your pillows every few months. A gentle or delicate rinse cycle should do the trick. Not only will your pillows be clean, but your sleep may improve too. 

Garbage Disposal

Houston is a city known for a slew of musical genres, but funk isn't one of them. If your sink is smelling funny, it may be the garbage disposal. To clean out your garbage disposal, sprinkle a half-cup of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar down your drain and let it sit for a few minutes. 


It's impossible to get "so fresh and so clean" with a filthy showerhead. Over time, if showerheads go uncleaned, the holes will collect mold, mineral deposits, and even soap scum. Stay fresh this year by deep cleaning your showerhead. 


Doorknobs fall underneath the "high touch surfaces" category. Much like light switches, so much dirt and bacteria can be stored on its surface without us knowing. Luckily, cleaning is an easy fix with an alcohol-based wipe. 

Kitchen Sponges

Do you see that molding sponge that you've been washing dishes with? Yeah, throw it away. Washing the dishes is a fairly rudimentary task, but it's vital to switch out your kitchen sponges every so often so that you're keeping your kitchen, and dishes bacteria free.

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