Arrests Made In Montrose Burger King Murder

Man, woman, and weird mannequin found sleeping in van in a San Diego Costco parking lot.

By John Lomax October 24, 2013

Adam Richard Gouy in a 2008 booking photo.

Pro tip for fugitive persons of interest in a murder case—if you really must sleep in your van in a Costco parking lot, don't leave a creepy mannequin wearing pink lipstick and a camo baseball cap sitting in the front passenger seat while you snore in the back.

Two Houstonians wanted in connection with a late-night murder outside the Montrose Burger King have learned that lesson the hard way, and are now headed back to town in police custody to face questioning from the homicide squad.

According to, police spotted the mannequin in the van Tuesday night and decided, hmmm, let's run the plates on that sucker.

Bingo, the plates were connected to persons of interest wanted for questioning in the shooting death of 44-year-old Samuel Luke Delaschott in July. Police knocked on the van's doors and dragged the groggy duo—30-year-old Amber Herdman and 26-year-old Adam Gouy—out of the cluttered 16-year-old Ford.

Sam DelaSchott: Oil and gas exec killed and robbed after late night out.

Image: LinkedIn

After being hit with drug charges, they were sent back to Houston; meanwhile, Houston detectives have flown to San Diego to sift through the van for evidence in connection to Delaschott's death. 

Delaschott was killed at around 4:23 a.m. in his car behind the Burger King in the 1000 block of Westheimer on July 16.

Police say the oil and gas executive stopped there after a night out at St. James Cabaret. A surveillance video shows one person approaching his car from one direction, and then, minutes later, three people running from the vicinity. Delaschott was found with a gunshot wound to the head minutes later. Police said his cellphone had been taken and his car ransacked.

"It's still unbelievable and makes no sense," said his ex-wife Celia Delaschott, a day after his murder. "I want to know. I watch CSI and Criminal Minds. I'm trying to piece it together."

Gouy's profile pic.


Thanks to that mannequin, this case might prove as weird as TV.

Gouy, whose last known address is in the 200 block of Hyde Park, is a registered sex offender. According to DPS records he sexually assaulted a five-year-old while he was still a juvenile. According to his Facebook page, he was once an employee of TC's Showbar in Montrose.

We also found evidence of Gouy being an abysmal poet, and well, kinda creepy...

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