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The Downfall Of Rolando Lozano, Alleged Car Burglar

In which taunting the cops on social media comes back to bite yet another miscreant in the butt.

By John Lomax November 22, 2013

With one suspect in custody after a rash of Sunday night car burglaries in the Rosenberg subdivision of Seaborne Meadow, police there took to Facebook to track down the remaining alleged thief. That would be Rolando Hoyuela Lozano, brother of Damian Lozano, the suspect already behind bars. 

Rolando was defiant, as this Facebook post shows.

And then Rolando kicked it up a notch. He decided to taunt the Rosenberg police on their own Facebook page, right below their posting about his alleged crime spree.

Here's what the cops put up there:

And here is Rolando's response:


Or in other words, as he puts forth in his current Facebook profile pic:

Alas. This sassy bandit's comeuppance came quick.

And not only that, Rolando also broke a cardinal rule of the crime game: he drew the heat to the home of a wanted man.

"In a bizarre twist," the police went on, "the resident of the home he was hiding out in, also had a warrant." 

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