Harrison's family hopes to raise $6,000 to cover funeral expenses.

Film critic Eric Harrison, a frequent and well-respected contributor here at Houstonia, passed away on November 17. The cause of death was a brain aneursym, a sudden and silent killer that can strike without notice.

Like many freelancer writers, Harrison did not have any life insurance, and his family was left without the funds to provide him a proper funeral or burial service.

Harrison's family has set up a fundraiser on Funeralfund in hopes of raising $6,000 to cover expenses. As of this writing, $3,685 has been raised.

Average funeral costs have spiked sharply; in 1960, typical funeral expenses were $708. Today, they're over $7,000. If Harrison's family can't raise the $6,000 needed, there's worry that he will be given indigent services, a.k.a. a pauper's burial, by Harris County instead.

In his obituary to Harrison, fellow film critic Pete Vonder Haar at the Houston Press wrote: "Eric was not without his faults, nobody is, but he was always a generous and thoughtful guy, and I was proud to call him a colleague. Rest in peace, man." Let's hope others can be as generous in this final act as Harrison was throughout his life.



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