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December’s Perfect Party

A heaping helping of inspiration, courtesy of this month’s guests

By Catherine Matusow December 1, 2013 Published in the December 2013 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Lately, all we’re doing is snuggling by the fire and gobbling Christmas cookies—we need December’s most interesting people to goose us off the couch. We’ll start with Gracie Cavnar, the socialite/pro-bono CEO of Recipe for Success Foundation, who, with the help of local chefs, goes into schools and teaches kids—well, teaches them to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and, presumably, fewer cookies. She’ll no doubt want to chat with Houston doctor David Buck, who recently received the 2013 Public Health Award from the American Academy of Family Physicians for his dedication to helping the homeless get health care. If he sounds like Mother Teresa, that’s no accident; he worked with her in Calcutta in the ’80s. By now, Justin Timberlake—sorry, there’s really no good segue—has likely recovered from the disappointment of fall’s Runner Runner, the film that reminded the New York Times of nothing so much as “a halfhearted bluff” with “the stale smell of yesterday’s after-shave.” After all, his 20/20 Experience album has sold millions and his rabid Houstonian fans continue to flock to his shows (Dec. 5). While we’re all disturbed that the Justice Department recently named Houston one of the nation’s largest hubs of human trafficking, Demme Durrett, a junior at The John Cooper School, is actually doing something to fight it, founding the annual Human Rights Walk and Festival in The Woodlands (you can do something too, on Dec. 7). Our little party wouldn’t be complete without Nancy Barnes, newly arrived in town to take over as editor of the Houston Chronicle, HISD Superintendent  Terry Grier, whose domain was just named the country’s Top Urban School District, or Iriel Franklin, a Katy resident who relocated here after Katrina, gained some weight, lost 85 pounds, then launched her own line of workout clothes, the subtly named Get Fit or Get Fat. But our (most) honored guest? One chef Chris Leung—as long as he brings us seasonal samples from his new Cloud 10 Creamery in the Village. Yam and chestnut ice cream? Bacon and pear? We’ll get off the couch after the New Year.

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