Man With One of Houston's Weirdest Names Was One of Year's First Arrests

You'd swear it was his nickname, but this is really what it says on his birth certificate.

By John Lomax January 2, 2014

A week after arresting an accused murderer named Astroroid Dewayne Benton, the Houston Police Department has taken into custody a man with an even stranger name.

Two Toe Anderson.

According to court documents, the 43-year-old Two Toe Anderson assaulted a man with a knife on New Year's Day. He is currently being held without bond in Harris County Jail, and has previous convictions for assault of a family member (he was convicted of punching and biting his nephew), forgery, and multiple offenses relating to the crack trade.

Two Toe is one of the unlucky few we have seen to have actually been prosecuted for failing to pay taxes on his proceeds from the drug trade; he was sentenced to a whopping 18 years behind bars for that offense back in 1991.

Unlike the case of Astroroid Benton, we can find no hints in the records that Two Toe Anderson has changed his name at some point. (Astroroid apparently came into the world as Axelrod Benton.)  

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