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Pothole of the Week is a good idea, but why stop there?

Illustrations by Lucky 11 Studios February 2, 2014 Published in the February 2014 issue of Houstonia Magazine

When it comes to crumbling infrastructure, we’re all for a lighthearted approach, which is why The Drawl is a consistent supporter of Mayor Parker’s Pothole of the Week program, which regularly spotlights one lucky car-devouring gouge from among approximately 73 million others, all in “an effort to highlight the great work that our employees perform … and the results of the great work that is performed”—er, filling the holes. And while admittedly unorthodox, the program’s success is everywhere in evidence, excepting of course on Shepherd Dr., which recently performed a vehicular colonic on The Drawl’s Hyundai, or on that lowly, carpet-bombed stretch of pavement that is Clay Rd. in Spring Branch. Still, why dwell on the negative when we can expand this municipal reverse psychology to a whole host of local ills?

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