Local Fraud Is Totally Bogus

Kingwood gold peddler lives up to his name, allegedly.

By John Nova Lomax July 1, 2014

Adding to his litany of woes, a Kingwood coin dealer and former AM radio financial advisor out on bond for a 2013 felony was charged yesterday with first-degree felony theft of over $200,000, according to online Harris County court records.

Brett David Bogus, former host of The Meltdown on BizRadio KTEK and a much-mocked guest-star on a 2012 Pawn Stars episode, has been free on $150,000 bond since he was busted last year by Humble police for allegedly bilking a local retiree out of more than $75,000 in a gold deal gone bad.

“They say his name is perfect for him. He’s got the best name in the world: Brett Bogus,” complainant John Menna told KPRC last year

Adding still more to Bogus’s troubles, last month a judge ordered him to pay more than $100,000 to two creditors, and he was sued by a local couple who claim that he swindled them out of $20,500.

Angelica Perlman and David Arnold claim in the second suit that in July of 2012 they fronted Bogus the $20K in exchange for gold coins Bogus would deliver at a later date. Bogus promised them a refund upon their request, but when the couple got cold feet, Bogus refused to hand over either their cash or the gold, the suit claims. Instead, he asked the couple to invest even more money in coins he would give them at some later date.

According to the suit, it was all a part of Bogus’s plan “to distract from defendants' original fraudulent and deceptive behavior. Such behavior included fraudulent statements by Bogus as to why he had gone to jail during the relevant time period as well as statements by Bogus concerning his soon to be ex-wife's involvement in the removal of inventory.”

Make that soon-to-be-ex-wife-and-then-wife-again-and-soon-to-be-ex-once-more. Brett and Brandy Dawn Bogus were divorced in January of 2013 and remarried five months later. Four months after that second wedding, Brett Bogus filed for divorce again, and those proceedings are ongoing and acrimonious.  

But wait: there’s more. Bogus is also a defendant in a suit filed by Integrity Precious Metals. A rival gold dealer, IPM, claims that a Bogus henchman defamed and disparaged a subsidiary company via a negative Google Plus review that also steered potential customers to Bogus’s businesses. That case is on hiatus until October because Bogus has contended that his testimony there could damage his criminal defense.

Bogus does business as Eagle Numismatics and The Gold Exchange, both from a storefront in Humble. His bio on the Eagle site introduces him as “a professional numismatist specializing in rare coins and bullion” whose “focus is his client’s assets."

Bogus won a measure of national notoriety when he walked in to Las Vegas’s Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and attempted to sell Rick and the boys some Republic of Texas banknotes for a cool $650,0000. Their expert consultant said the collection was worth $6,500 tops.  

That much lower appraisal came as an enormous disappointment to this High Life-swilling North Texas owner of a tattered Texas banknote:


Speaking of consultants, Bogus has claimed to have served as one for NASA, HPD, the Secret Service, and the IRS. And while Bogus claims that Eagle has a membership in the Better Business Bureau, the BBB says it is unaccredited and assigned it an F rating.  (In fact, BBB head Dan Parsons tells us that Bogus's BBB membership was revoked.)

Bogus rented his time-slot on KTEK and was not an employee of the station. His show has been canceled, but Bogus continued broadcasting via YouTube  until this February. 

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