In August, we flew to New York City to watch Juan Carlos, the Montrose Rollerblader, who’d skated himself all the way from Allen Parkway to America’s Got Talent and Radio City Music Hall. There, his improbable rise seemed destined to continue, at least for a time. He was lowered to the stage in a gold lamé leotard, a shower of sparks exploded from his skates, back-up dancers filled the stage behind him—and he was eliminated from the show the following day. But another door had opened even before that particular one closed. Earlier the same day, The Soup host and discriminating cultural arbiter Joel McHale had uttered out loud what millions had been thinking: “Juan Carlos is simply too big for America’s Got Talent,” he declared. “Juan Carlos needs his own show.” 

As the magazine that first brought him to stardom, we couldn’t agree more. But what kind of show? Hmm. How about…

Juan Plus One

Everyone’s favorite Colombian on wheels gets a new roommate after his best friend from college, Howard Stern, unexpectedly moves in following the break-up of his marriage. But the relationship is a strained one, especially after Howard comes home to find Juan Carlos wearing his hair, whereupon the two men have a violent disagreement about their varying definitions of the word talent. The laughs will fly, and so will the sparks, from skates and elsewhere, when this oddest of odd couples makes its debut this fall.

Touched by an Án-hel

In this remake of the classic CBS series, Juan Carlos is sent by God to bring hope and guidance to troubled souls on earth (with a now-83-year-old Della Reese reprising her role as the angel’s boss). Be they a couple unable to conceive, a man in search of his biological mother, or a waitress struggling to make ends meet for her and her adorable daughter, Juan Carlos is there. He rolls to the rescue and begins skating, shimmying, and scratch spinning around each week’s hapless guest stars until they heal.

OuterVIEWS with Juan Carlos

In yet another attempt to duplicate the cultural touchstone that is Channel 8’s wildly popular InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse, JC interviews a different newsmaker each week as the two skate around the KUHT building. (And since he’s already at the station, why not let him be a season five guest star on Downton Abbey, as the latest in Lady Edith’s long series of poor love choices?)

VH1’s Behind the Blades

Voiceover: “Even as a child, there was something different about Juan Carlos” … “He didn’t care that no one believed in him. He strapped the skates on and proceeded to captivate an entire intersection”…. “And then one day he caught the attention of a local magazine writer” … “Stardom came quickly”… “Sucked into the all-too-familiar vortex of drugs, alcohol, and glitter” … “Bouts with depression” … “Could this be his chance at a comeback?” … “Things are quieter now for Juan Carlos, but you don’t get the sense that he misses it…”

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