Ice House

September’s Perfect Party

Oh, Duke, we can’t even...

By Catherine Matusow September 1, 2014 Published in the September 2014 issue of Houstonia Magazine

From top left: Robyn Arouty, Bret Anthony Johnston, Sabra Harvey, Glenn Fuhrman, Katrina Parrott, Joe Joe Orangias, Carmina Zamorano, and Colleen Crowley

We-ell, we’re feeling conflicted about inviting local photographer Robyn Arouty to this month’s most perfect of parties, but only because her photos of the last day on earth for Duke, her friend’s black Lab with bone cancer, so destroyed us when they went viral this summer, we almost ended up in the ground ourselves. Never has a plate piled high with hamburgers elicited more tears. Now, let’s invite some folks who made our radar without ruining our makeup: Bret Anthony Johnston may be Harvard’s creative writing director, but he’s also a skateboarder from Corpus Christi, and he’s reading from his new novel, Remember Me Like This, set in the fictional town of Southport, Texas, at Brazos Bookstore on Sept. 11.  Sabra Harvey, a 65-year-old Houstonia grandma, won the 800-meter race in the under-70 division at the USATF Masters Outdoor Championships in July, with a two-minute, 42-second run that Sports Illustrated called “astonishing.” MetroNational’s Glenn Fuhrman recently unveiled the Memorial City development company’s new building, the Treehouse, which features a native plant–filled rooftop garden, reclaimed floors, an ice house–inspired bar area, and an honest-to-god suspension bridge—cool. Katrina Parrott, just laid off from NASA last year, has truly bounced back with her new app iDiversicons, which made headlines recently with its diverse array of emoji characters, including a black Santa, gay and biracial couples, and more. Artist Joe Joe Orangias carved Galveston’s new Pink Dolphin monument, a red-limestone tribute to the island’s sexual and gender minorities, on East Beach. Carmina Zamorano sued her former business partner Nancy Arreguin for breach of contract—the suit has lots of juicy allegations—after Arreguin left their high-end real-estate company, Carnan Properties. And finally, Houston native/TCU student/gorgeous lady Colleen Crowley has been seeing Johnny Football. Will the two still be dating after Houstonia goes to press? No idea, but cheers, you crazy kids. Let’s party.

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