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November’s Perfect Party

Costume Not Optional

By Catherine Matusow November 3, 2014 Published in the November 2014 issue of Houstonia Magazine

From top left: Isiah Carey, Clark Martinson, Gabrielle Giffords, Amy Schumer, Andra Fuller, Belle and Willow the bears, Marian Szczeponski, Tristan Berlanga

This month, we’re all about folks who are getting it done—Fox News’s Isiah Carey, for instance, who broke the Adrian Peterson story, which immediately went national, and on the reporter’s sick day, no less.  Clark Martinson, general manager of the Energy Corridor District, pushed plans for increasing walkability in his domain, complete with an air-conditioned pedestrian/bike bridge over I-10. Congresswoman  Gabrielle Giffords, who continues to fight for tighter gun-control laws, always has a standing invitation (she returns to Houston with her husband for a luncheon Nov. 20), as does comedian/loose cannon/feminist hero Amy Schumer, who canceled a performance here earlier this year but promises to show up this month (Nov. 22 at Bayou Music Center). We can’t forget Houston native Andra Fuller either, who landed a role in Black Jesus on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, playing the Messiah’s BFF, no less. As for BFFs in the animal kingdom, California transplants and black bears Belle and Willow continued their charm campaign at the Houston Zoo. Writing instructor Marian Szczeponski is bound to make things happen in her writing workshop “The Ins and Outs of Creating Great Sex Scenes” (Writerspace, Nov. 15), though just exactly what is a bit unclear. And finally, there’s Tristan Berlanga, Tricon Homes’s architect and design director, who made something happen that wasn’t entirely welcome: the destruction of the historic Josephine apartments near Rice. We get it, we get it. They weren’t in great shape, the land was too valuable, this is Houston. Still, we shed a tear.

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