Ice House

June’s Perfect Party

Interrogation Edition

By Catherine Matusow Illustrations by Chris Danger May 31, 2015 Published in the June 2015 issue of Houstonia Magazine

From top left: Eva Worren Chambers, a jackass, Mindy Hildebrand, Avery Lamarr Ayers, Randy Evans, Danielle Busby, Lisa Davis, and Harrison Poe

We’ve been pondering the big questions of late, of which there are just too damn many. Like: How is it possible that Eva Worren Chambers, who’s headed to the Mrs. International 2015 Pageant this summer, is both Mrs. Norway and Mrs. North Houston? We didn’t think that sort of dual citizenship was possible, just as we didn’t think it possible that some jackass would steal an iPad from a 2-year-old in a Northside parking lot. (His mother turned him in.) Why aren’t we billionaires instead of Mindy Hildebrand, who, with her husband Jeff, recently pledged $10 million to Houston’s Bayou Greenways project? How on earth did local man Avery Lamarr Ayers (allegedly) convince UK-based Impact Oil and Gas to wire him $357,000? Is chef Randy Evans trying to ruin our lives by leaving town to become H-E-B’s director of restaurants in San Antonio? Will the country’s first set of all-girl quintuplets, born to local mom Danielle Busby within four minutes of each other, grow up to be buddies? If Germany’s Siemens AG is planning new oil and gas headquarters in the Energy Corridor, does that mean managing board member Lisa Davis knows something we don’t about the recent downturn? And finally, is there a more talented young actor in town than Harrison Poe, whose performance as Paul in Kinkaid’s A Chorus Line was quite simply the best we’ve ever seen? Oh, and will Poe’s career ever recover from the wicked fall he took—which promptly went viral—at the Tommy Tune Awards? Hmmmmm. So many questions, so little party time.
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