Ice House

July’s Perfect Party

Control Freak Edition

By Catherine Matusow July 9, 2015 Published in the July 2015 issue of Houstonia Magazine

0715 ice house perfect party exyden

From top left: Jessica Joseph, Hudson Hoyle, Henrietta the dachshund, Vikki Garcia, Terry Goodwin, John Whitmire, George Hanks, Jr., and Sam Brody

Image: Chris Danger

This month’s party seating is assigned, no take-backs or trades, so don’t even ask. First things first: sixth-grade math teacher Jessica Joseph, who was voted not only HISD’s Teacher of the Year but Fan Favorite by teachers, students and parents. Next to her will be everybody’s favorite, Hudson Hoyle, a 22-year-old local business consultant who made headlines after taking a second job as an Uber driver to buy his girlfriend an engagement ring. Then, let’s see, we’ll put local dancing dachshund Henrietta, performing at the Houston World Series of Dog Shows (July 15–19), beside acrobat Vikki Garcia, who accidentally flew off a spinning rocket during her Circo Hermanos Vasquez act on the North Freeway but survived virtually unscathed. (Maybe they can brush each other’s hair?) Onward: We’ll pair Terry Goodwin, the jailed mentally ill Houstonian who was kept in a horrible unsanitary cell and—justice!—received a $400,000 settlement as a result, with John Whitmire, state senator from Houston, whose SB 1630 bill—which passed!—focuses on getting treatment for juvenile lawbreakers instead of putting them in lockdown. (Their topic: our broken justice system.) Then there’s Louisiana native George Hanks, Jr., President Obama’s nominee for federal judge over the US District Court in Galveston, who was recently confirmed—becoming the first African-American to hold the post. He’ll be next to Sam Brody, director of A&M’s Center for Texas Beaches and Shores, who, in the wake of recent floods, has been giving interviews about something he’s been trying to draw attention to for years: the losing battle that is flood control in development-crazy Houston. (We’ll give them two options to choose from: hurricanes and po’boys. Up to them. See, we’re not dictators!)

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