1115 best places to work office space aimee woodall black sheep numbered wyolvi

Image: Todd Spoth

1) Bullhorn. “We were in a recession, so brands needed to be louder to be heard,” says Woodall, explaining that the bullhorn is both a symbol of the company’s approach when it launched in 2009 and the “amplification we provide for the causes that we represent.” A local artist paints a new bullhorn for Black Sheep every year; Gonzo Figueroa did this, the first one.

2) Tiny Victories Journal. A hybrid diary/yearbook that documents agency accomplishments, which is updated every Champagne Friday. 

3) Champagne: Essential for Champagne Fridays, a bubbly tradition, during which employees pause “to celebrate our tiny victories and toast each other on accomplishments—big or small.”

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