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Houston Gets a Snazzy New Snapchat Filter

The candy-colored graffiti banner couldn't be more Bayou City.

By Katharine Shilcutt February 10, 2016

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We think the Houstonia House looks even better with the latest Snapchat geofilter.

In the words of Snapchat favorite DJ Khaled, "Bless up!" Houston now has a new "geofilter" on the social media service, which allows users to share pictures and 10-second videos with their followers. Geofilters are nothing new, of course; they exist for every physical location from Disneyland to downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, allowing users to spruce up their Snapchats with a little local pride.

Houston's even had its fair share of geofilters—some terrible, some terrific—in the past, including one showing a space shuttle rocketing up over what looks like David Addickes's "We Love Houston" sign and one with a clip art version of the skyline that looks like something I would have dropped into a PowerPoint presentation circa 1999.

Uh geofilters x451m2

Also among our favorite filters: anything to do with UH.

The newest geofilter, however, captures a more modern Houston aesthetic, blending the candy paint colors of our swanga scene with the boisterous appeal of our street art scene. It especially calls to mind the 3,300-square-foot Market Square mural painted by Gonzo247 in downtown Houston—no surprise, as Gonzo himself designed the new filter.

Houstonia may always be a bit partial to the Heights geofilter, owing to our own location on Heights Boulevard, but this newest option is pretty trill too.

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