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Houston Man Has Hilariously Bad Day Captured on Google Maps

When Google Maps goes wrong. So wrong.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen August 31, 2016

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Google has brought unto us many amazing things. It's been years since I drove the wrong direction in an unfamiliar place without a robotic British voice immediately telling me to turn around, then silently sighing at the stupidity of humans, and then announcing it was recalculating my route. 

But this hyper-awareness of our every move comes at a cost, and I'm not talking about Edward Snowden ish. I'm talking about what happens when you are standing on the street, minding your own business, and a Google car drives by and takes a picture of you to be seen by anyone in the world, forever, until the robots finally get sick of us and rise up. 

What's the worst that could happen, you say? Well, just ask Joshua Justice, the manager of Flying Saucer Draught Emporium in downtown Houston. Here's what he posted on Facebook two months ago:

"I just poured half a cleaning keg all over my pants. Went outside to stand in the sun ... as a Google maps car drove by. Look for me on Street View soon. I'll be the guy that looks like he pissed himself."

Above, what went live on Google Street View at the intersection of Capitol and Main streets today.

So, for the record, this is not an image of a proud yet incontinent man. This is photographic evidence that the beer lines at Flying Saucer are cleaned regularly.

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