Yes, it's all real: From a naked woman dancing on top of a big rig to an actual basketball game, every detail you see on this page represents a traffic incident that took place on Houston's freeways between December 2015 and 2016. (Not included due to time constraints: The man letting his son drive a riding lawnmower down an HOV lane on I-45 during rush hour.)

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Image: Michael Byers

  1. Naked dancing woman atop 18-wheeler

  2. Four-person brawl on FM 1960

  3. “Be Someone” vandalized yet again

  4. Man napping on the West Loop

  5. Playing basketball on a feeder ramp

  6. Marriage proposal shuts down I-45

  7. Floods shut down Houston

  8. Ducks rescued from the West Loop

  9. 30 cows die on Highway 90

  10. Car firebombed on the Katy Freeway

  11. Driver doing donuts on I-45

  12. Bikers doing wheelies shut down the South Loop 

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