Survey: How's Your Love Life, Houston?

Are you willing to drive from Galveston to The Woodlands for a new relationship, or does love have its limits? Sound off on this question and more in our survey.

By Houstonia Staff July 25, 2017

Take our our Love & Sex Survey right now!

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Is dating in Houston a horrorshow? Sound off in our Love & Sex survey.

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From time to time, we survey our readers in an effort to find out more about the fabric of our city.

We ask them to tell us the best places to work, the top spots for fajitas and queso, the pros and cons of zoning and historic districts. And when we publish those results, they always result in exciting opportunities for agreement—an overwhelming 93 percent of our readers value walkability in their neighborhoods, while an equally overwhelming 97 percent agree that chips and salsa should always be free at restaurants—and interesting divergences: 32 percent of you prefer Modelo to any other Mexican beer!

For our upcoming October issue, we're diving into the dating scene to bring you everything you need to know about coupling up in Houston. To that end, we want to know what living and loving in Houston looks like to you. Are you willing to drive from Galveston to The Woodlands for a new relationship, or does love have its limits? Does selflessly peeling crawfish tails for your squeamish partner mean it's meant to be? Where's the weirdest place in the city you ever did the deed?

Sound off on all these questions and more in our Love & Sex Survey, live now through August 15. None of the questions are mandatory, and all of the responses are anonymous, so let us hear it! And even if you don't participate, look for a deep dive into your fellow Houstonians' love lives in our October issue. You never know what you'll learn...

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