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Rick Perry, the Gift That Keeps on Giving

The Energy Secretary gave us glorious photos on a trip to Saudi Arabia.

By Dianna Wray December 7, 2017

Energy Secretary Rick Perry may not always come off as the brightest crayon in the box, but it's worth something that even after more than 30 years in elected office he can still find ways to surprise and delight us all—and to at least seem like he's completely unaware that he's giving the world pure comic gold on top of that whole bit about wielding power and performing public service.

His most recent escapade comes via a trip to Saudi Arabia this week to sign an agreement on carbon management. During the trip, which allowed the former governor to meet up with a fellow alumnus of Texas A&M University, Saudi Arabian Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih, Perry took some time off from the affairs of state to do a little tourist stuff. 

And the resulting pictures, which al-Falih shared on Twitter, are classic Perry, comparable to that time when he was running for president and forgot the name of the third department he intended to get rid of, or that time he was named head of the department he had once intended to eliminate, or that time when Russian comedians prank called him and he failed to notice or to stop talking for roughly 20 minutes, just to name a few. 

This time around, the hilarity is all summed up in the photos. There's one that shows Perry uncomfortably posed with a falcon on his right arm, extending his limb out so that the bird is as far from Perry's face as possible. There's another—pure gold—of Perry with his shoes off in the desert sand, looking more like a model than any energy secretary should. He also sports traditional Saudi dress, carries a sword and eyes an enormous pile of pita bread like he thinks it's going to eat him. 

If Perry decides (or is forced to) change careers, he should seriously consider looking into being a professional tourist of some sort, the kind who sees the world and lets all of us watch him see it, and occasionally attempt to dance or awkwardly hold a bird.

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