George Floyd’s Legacy Lives

George Floyd's brother, Philonise Floyd, and his wife, Keeta, have created a nonprofit to support their community and honor George’s memory.

02/27/2023 By Shelby Stewart

Election 2022

The State of Texas: Results of the Midterm Elections

Greg Abbott will serve his third term as governor of Texas.

11/09/2022 By Shelby Stewart


Here's What We Know About Mayor Turner’s Cancer Diagnosis

We don't yet know if Mayor Turner's cancer is in remission.

11/03/2022 By Amarie Gipson

Election Day

Everything to Know About Where and How to Vote in Houston

Find out what's on the ballot and more.

10/25/2022 By Shelby Stewart


A Montrose Starbucks Just Became the First in Houston to Unionize

The partners at the Starbucks at Shepherd and Harold voted 11-3 on Thursday to become the first unionized shop in Houston.

09/27/2022 By Daniel Renfrow


10 Popular Titles on Texas's Very Long List of Banned Books

Texas parents have called for the removal of books dealing with racism, police brutality, gender and sexuality.

09/22/2022 By Geneva Diaz and Amarie Gipson


How the Recent PrEP Coverage Ruling Might Impact Healthcare

Jonathan Mitchell argued that employers providing insurance for PrEP would violate religious rights.

09/20/2022 By Amarie Gipson

Ice House

Months After the Uvalde Shooting, How Are Texas Schools Protecting Kids?

School districts in Houston and surrounding areas are making major changes and reviewing procedures currently in place to ensure student and teacher safety.

09/14/2022 By Stephanie Bartels


Vice President Kamala Harris in Houston—Watch Her First Speech

The VP gave a keynote speech at the National Baptist Convention and is set to chair the second National Space Council meeting at NASA on Friday.

09/08/2022 By Shelby Stewart


Legal Challenges Currently Affecting the LGBTQ+ Community in Texas

Plus, learn what score Houston received from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation index of LGBTQ-friendly cities.

07/01/2022 By Shelby Stewart Research by Brianna Benitez


Here Are Ways to Support Trans Youth in Houston

Here’s a list of groups and organizations in Houston that support trans and queer youth.

05/02/2022 By Amarie Gipson

Lending A Hand

How Houstonians Can Help The People of Ukraine

Houstonians can help support those in need in Ukraine through donations, petitions, and attending daily protests.

03/02/2022 By Shelby Stewart


Beto O’Rourke Is a Texas Hopeful in the Race for the 2022 Governor’s Seat

The Democratic Party is pushing for the former congressmen to enter the gubernatorial race.

09/28/2021 By Shelby Stewart

Voting Rights

Anti-Voting Law in Texas Gets Heavy Backlash

The new bill makes Texas “one of the most difficult states to vote in.”

09/16/2021 By Shelby Stewart

Texas Politics

Texas Now Has the Nation's Most Restrictive Abortion Law

President Biden called the new legislation "unconstitutional chaos."

09/02/2021 By Danielle Wright Edited by Houstonia Staff

News Out of Austin

Texas Democratic Party Announces History-Making New Executive Directors and Leadership Model

Plus keep an eye out for some changes on the Republican side of the aisle.

07/01/2021 By Emma Schkloven

Voter Fraught

What's Happening During This Year's Texas Legislative Session?

What Texas’s restrictive voting bills could mean for Houston.

05/25/2021 By Emma Schkloven

Such. A. Bad. Move.

Sen. Ted Cruz Went to Cancún Yesterday ... and Twitter Was Not Having It

Most politicians would probably opt to not jaunt to Mexico while their constituents have been living without power—but Cruz gonna Cruz.

02/18/2021 By Dianna Wray

New year, new president

How Will the Biden Administration Impact the Bayou City?

Four things to know about what a new president will—and will not—mean for Houston.

01/19/2021 By Dianna Wray

No Surprises

How Houston-area U.S. Reps. Voted on Trump's Second Impeachment

In response of last week's Capitol Building riot, the U.S. House of Representatives has voted to impeach President Donald Trump.

01/13/2021 By Dianna Wray