Houston Discovers Ice Is Much Less Fun Than Snow

Freezing precipitation is expected to muck up roads and sidewalks all day long.

By Morgan Kinney January 16, 2018

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These signs finally make sense!

There is nothing fun about a sleet day. The winter wonderland Houston experienced in December seems to have left us behind, along with the holidays. This time, as freezing rain moved into the area early this morning, schools are closed, businesses are shuttered, and people are generally reeling from a bizarre cold snap a day after temperatures climbed near 70 degrees and multiple bros in shorts were spotted stocking up for the weather at HEB late Monday night.

As Eric Berger explains over at Space City Weather, freezing temperatures moved into the region from the west beginning early this morning. Snow has been spotted in Montgomery County, and the freezing line is moving toward the coast throughout the day, bringing a procession of freezing rain and possible snow to much of Houston. With freezing temperatures projected to persist through Wednesday morning, whatever precipitation falls is expected to continue causing problems on sidewalks and streets.

The biggest takeaway is to stay off the roads, especially highway overpasses, which freeze more quickly than the ground below. City officials are urging residents to report any icy roads via 311 so crews can spread gravel for added traction. And if you don't feel deterred by an icy road, perhaps reconsider before getting behind the wheel. When the city last froze over during a 2011 ice storm, the Houston Chronicle mapped dozens of motorists who lost control on the ice:

For those quickly working through their weather bingo card, y'all can look forward to the weekend. Highs are forecasted to be in the 70s, with possible thunderstorms.

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