Oh Well

Fourth of July 2018 a Wash

Maybe next year, guys.

By Catherine Matusow July 4, 2018

The Houston area's gotten between five and eight inches of rain, causing flooded streets and swollen bayous, although it's slowed down now. Mayor Sylvester Turner has asked that Houstonians stay home instead of heading out to tonight’s Freedom Over Texas at Eleanor Tinsley Park. The bayou’s high, Port-o-Potties are floating away, and the big blue letters spelling HOUSTON are literally dispersing in the floodwaters, which—boo.

There won’t be any live music tonight; shows by acts including The Mavericks have been canceled. The fireworks will go on, but Mayor Turner is asking everyone to stay home and watch the pyrotechnic action from the safety of their homes, on ABC 13, instead of slip-sliding down the banks of Buffalo Bayou. 

Seems like a good call to us! Hey, it's a perfect afternoon for lazing around and getting in a good game of Scrabble. And if you're at home and not going anywhere, we grant you permission to start happy hour early.

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