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Video: Alex Jones from InfoWars and Protestors Exchanging Barbs

If you choose not to watch, we won't blame you.

By Catherine Matusow Photography by Daniel Kramer October 23, 2018

Image: Daniel Kramer

Houstonia sent photographer Daniel Kramer to document events in- and outside the Toyota Center yesterday at President Donald Trump’s rally for U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. He caught some video of far-right-wing personality Alex Jones and a few Trump protestors arguing about who should “take their ass home” and who’s actually the KKK.

“America is coming back from the dead,” Jones screams into his bullhorn in the clip below. “America is back.” He adds: “Look at you, there’s like eight or nine of you and your little Trump balloon.”

“You’re a fragile white man,” a protestor tells him, his voice getting partially drowned out. Meanwhile, his companions chant, “No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!”

Have you had enough? If not, below you’ll find one more clip.

“We will not shut up,” Jones blusters. “We will not turn our children and our country over to you mental patients. Just look at you! … You are a dangerous group of mindless zombies who are trying to sabotage this country and start a race war.”

The protestors, meanwhile, take up a slightly different refrain: “No Trump! No KKK! No racist USA!”

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