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Rush to Judgment: So, Is Houston Fun?

We have to be better than No. 18 in the country, right? Right?

By Nicki Koetting November 26, 2018 Published in the December 2018 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Maybe we’re biased, but we think there’s a lot of good times to be had in Houston. We have amazing food! World-class art and music! Great nightlife! Even pretty parks! Which is why we were surprised when, earlier this fall, we came across a WalletHub list of “The Most Fun Cities in America,” in which we ranked…18th.

Because we know y’all will ask: Dallas was No. 27, San Antonio was No. 22, and Austin was, annoyingly, No. 14. And we get it: We’ll (probably) never beat Vegas on a list like this, or NYC, or heck, New Orleans. But Denver? San Diego? Philly?!?

Are we insane, or is WalletHub’s list insane? We decided to put the question to you, our fellow Houstonians, on the interwebs. Here’s what y’all had to say:

@itsmattglive: We would be #1 if Astroworld was still open.

@cissykil: Definitely more to offer than Philly!!!!!

@robyn_horsechief: Houston should be top five.

@therealjmoney88: Higher. I have a lot of fun here.

@rimnatilly: Houston is a big city with lots of diversity. Most people enjoy it. I think it deserves a better ranking.

@llcoofox:  I just saw the list and don’t agree at all, as I’ve been to just about all of them. Orlando more fun than NYC? St. Louis over San Antonio? Tucson over Nashville? I’d switch some things, but as far as Houston goes, I would put it over Philly. 17 is the perfect spot. The ones before it are definitely hard to top. [Ed. note: thanks?]

@thehpodcast: 18, psh... I personally commit to having 10x more fun today. We’ll show them.

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