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Lyft Is Now Available en Español

The ride-share app is introducing a multilingual update for Spanish-speaking drivers and passengers.

By Abby Ledoux November 28, 2018

Coming soon: Say hola to Lyft in Spanish.

Getting a Lyft just got easier for the 37 percent of Houstonians who speak Spanish at home in the most diverse city in America. The ride-share app announced a multilingual update that, when rolled out nationwide over the next few weeks, will allow anyone with a phone set to Spanish to use Lyft in that language. New users will also be able to sign up or apply to drive en Español, too, and all alerts, directions, communication (in and outside the app) will appear in Spanish.

It's the company's latest effort to improve user experience for Spanish-speakers, who previously could talk to Spanish-speaking customer service reps when they contacted Lyft with questions.

“El app de Lyft en Español abre la puerta a la comunidad Hispana a siempre tener un modo de transporte seguro. Ahora mi mama puede ordenar un Lyft por ella misma sin tener que pedir ayuda a alguien por no entender el idioma,” said Jose Alvarez, a full-time Lyft driver and the midwest region representative for the company's Driver Advisory Council. (Translation: "The Lyft app in Spanish opens the door to the Hispanic community to always have a reliable way of transportation. Now my mom can order her own Lyft without having to depend on someone else to do it because she doesn't understand the language.")

"El app para choferes en Español offrece oportunidades a la comunidad Hispana a ganar dinero sin ninguna confusión. Nos da la confianza necesaria para eliminar la barrera del idioma," Alvarez said. ("The app for drivers in Spanish gives the Hispanic community the opportunity of earning money without any confusion. It gives us the confidence we need by removing the language barrier.")

The update was released on the heels of Lyft's pledge to roll out at least one new feature or enhancement designed "for drivers, from drivers" monthly. Along with the language feature, this update also includes additional information for drivers about airport wait-times and pick-up destinations.

Spanish-speaking Lyft users will receive a notification when the feature is available on their phones. ¡Vamos!

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