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Happening Now: Score Tickets to Travis Scott's Sold-Out Astroworld Festival—If You Voted

This is not a drill.

By Gabby Deleon November 6, 2018

In the likely event that you were unable to score tickets to next week's sold-out Astroworld Festival, you're in luck. Travis Scott joins Frank Ocean as yet another entertainer forking out incentives for voting. This may be your last chance to purchase tickets if you live near Mo City or the greater Third Ward.

The rapper tweeted that he stashed away a few tickets for fans at these locations:

Missouri City Community Center — 1522 Missouri City Dr, Missouri City. TX 77849
Frenchy’s Chicken — 3919 Scott Street

Be advised: Unlike the free Frank Ocean t-shirts, these tickets still come at the normal price, so be sure to bring $150 and proof of residency with your voting sticker.

No, it's not free, but at least La Flame is still trying to motivate the younger crowd to head to the polls.

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