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Our 11 Most Popular Stories of 2018

Standing ovations, tacos, road trips, and bullet trains topped the list this year.

By Nicki Koetting December 25, 2018

If there's anything we've learned about our fellow Houstonians in the rollercoaster that was 2018, it's that y'all have opinions, gosh darn it. Or at least, you like reading about ours. In the last 12 months our writers have opined about everything from driving to Mexico to Instagram-worthy lotion, standing ovations to Proposition B—and, of course, the best restaurants in Houston.

Below, our most popular stories from 2018.

Richard Short as Richard Burton and Lisa Birnbaum as Elizabeth Taylor in the Alley Theatre’s world premiere production of Cleo.

Image: Lynn Lane

1. Please Stop Giving Absolutely Everything a Standing Ovation

By Clifford Pugh

"Call me old-fashioned, but I believe a standing ovation should be a precious thing saved only for that rare occasion where something is so extraordinary and superlative that you can’t help but want to salute it in a special way.

"I’m obviously in the minority."

2. This New Body Cream Is Like a Real-Life Instagram Filter

By Abby Ledoux

Because who wouldn't want to look Instagrammable at all times?

Image: Troy Fields

3. The 10 Hottest Neighborhoods in Houston in 2018

By Roxanna Asgarian, Morgan Kinney, Laura Furr Mericas, and Dianna Wray

Our annual top neighborhoods list featured seven excellent places to buy and three great locations to rent.

Image: Marco Torres

4. The 28 Tacos in Houston You Must Eat Before You Die

By Marco Torres

Honestly, we're not sure how this story isn't higher on this list.

Image: Todd Spoth

5. The Definitive Guide to Houston's Farmers Markets

By Alice Levitt, Abby Ledoux, Catherine Matusow, and Katharine Shilcutt 

From our February issue: Everything you've ever wanted to know about where to find the freshest food in Houston.

6. Driving Into Mexico: Is It Safe?

By Bill Wiatrak

The short answer: Yes. 

(Click for the long answer.)

Image: Shutterstock

7. What You Need to Know About Proposition B

By Dianna Wray

Because we, too, kept googling "what is Proposition B," so we decided to write about it for you, dear readers. 

8. Houston-to-Dallas Bullet Train Company Strikes a Deal with Amtrak

By Dianna Wray

"The fantasy of boarding a train and zipping up to Dallas whenever you like is still a long way from becoming a reality. But on the upside, if Texas Central officials do manage to get the land, the funds, the government approval, the construction and public approval that they need, they’ll have a partner in Amtrak whenever the trains actually do start running."

Image: Jenn Duncan

9. The 34 Best Clothing Stores and Boutiques in Houston Right Now

By Abby Ledoux, Noah Nofz, and Najla Brown 

Because y'all like to look good. 🔥

10. Las Vegas to Arizona: It May Just Be the Best American Road Trip

By Bill Wiatrak

This is the ultimate road trip, according to Houstonia travel writer Bill Wiatrak. He writes: "If you’re looking for an alternative to Orlando or a cruise, you won’t find a better itinerary."

Image: Jenn Duncan

11. Houston's 50 Best Restaurants in 2018

Edited by Gwendolyn Knapp

Our favorite restaurants from this year, and where you should be eating right now.

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