Perfect Party

March's Perfect Party: Cheer-Up-Puddles Edition

The Puddles Pity Party is coming through town this month, and the melancholy singer appears to need a little cheering up. We’ve got you, Puddles.

By Catherine Matusow February 25, 2019 Published in the March 2019 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Drive through downtown or Midtown any day of the week, and it’s immediately apparent that Houstonians with mental-health issues aren’t getting the services they need. As such, we’re happy to hear that the city is getting a new psychiatric hospital, UTHealth Continuum of Care Campus for Behavioral Health, and we’re inviting Stephen Glazier, who’ll lead the facility, to our party, along with a few other folks who’ve piqued our interest: Sarah Lefleur, MM.Lefleur CEO, who recently opened one of her (comfortable!) women’s-workwear showrooms here in town, at the Decorative Center of Houston; Bryan Washington, the local writer with a buzzy book of Houston-based short stories out this month, who will be reading at Brazos Bookstore (Mar. 19); Sarah Beth Wilson, Art League Houston’s new director/lead curator, who did a bang-up job at Beaumont’s Art Museum of Southeast Texas before being hired away; Ric Campo, Camden Property Trust CEO and new chairman of the Port of Houston; and, finally, Puddles Pity Party, the melancholy, golden-voiced singer coming through town this month for a show at Stafford Centre (Mar. 18), who appears to need a little cheering up. We’ve got you, Puddles.

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