This Is a Case for the FBI

That Time We Inadvertently Helped Expose a Possible Cheater

She wanted receipts...

By Abby Ledoux August 2, 2019

Yesterday was a tough day for Keithtrick. Thanks to his very distinct first name and some seemingly less than stellar behavior on his part, the Houston man found himself trending on Twitter in the U.S. last night. And, yes, your very own hometown magazine got caught up in the mix, too. Need a primer on all the spilled tea? Allow us...

It all started innocently enough when one user—we'll call her "R"—took to Twitter to rhapsodize the male body. "Men with this physique really do something to me," she wrote in a now deleted tweet alongside a photo of a strapping, tattooed man—his face obscured by a heart eyes emoji—and a woman behind him, hand across his muscular midsection, snapping a mirror pic in what appears to be a hotel given the coffee bar and safe in the background. (There's something else in the background, too. We'll return to this.)

The emoji attempt at censorship did nothing to conceal the man's identity to the woman closest to him, though. Enter another woman, we'll call her "K," who retweeted R's ode to the brawny fellow with a shocking revelation: "This is my current boyfriend. When was this picture taken????" In a subsequent tweet, she updated the now-shook Twitterverse: "He claims this is an old pic. I just want receipts."

Challenge accepted.

Internet sleuths immediately snapped into action, and more than one keyed in on another object in the background of the original photo. Wait a minute, isn't this...? Yes, yes it isTo the immediate right of the girl's head—we'll call her "Not K"—are two publications, including one Houstonia. It's inverted in the mirror and partially obscured by the magazine rack, but no matter. Twitter detectives promptly pulled up the past issues on our website, scanned through our archived covers, and correctly matched the issue in the photo to our February 2019 edition. Our "Top Breakfast Spots" would crack this case wide open.

Twitter blew up. Reaction GIFs were everywhere. More women came forward, including one who claimed Keithtrick recently sent her money to get her nails done and another who revealed herself to be the Not K in the original photo: "I broke up with him three weeks ago," she tweeted directly at K. "I told him that I no longer want to be with him and he said he has been 'kicking it with someone,' not that he's in a relationship. Please check him!!"

K: "And I am."

We're not entirely sure where things stand between K and Keithtrick now—they were evidently at the airport and eventually in-flight when most of the action went down (yikes). For our part, we're a little conflicted. While we're happy to play our small part in revealing the truth—#journalism—we also realize these are real people's lives. We won't speculate as to the purported infidelity, but it's clear this man was misleading at least two women in his life, and we wish heartbreak upon no one. At the end of the day, the internet is a crazy place.

Case closed.

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