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Ditch that Melancollie Feeling with These H-Town Dogs

An extra bit of pawsitivity in honor of National Puppy Day.

By Emma Schkloven March 23, 2020

Ears drooping from being cooped up inside for so long? Well, as it so happens, today (Monday) is National Puppy Day! In honor of the floofiest day on the calendar, we’ve rounded up some of H-Town’s most Insta-worthy, four-legged friends to get your tail wagging, even during this pandemic.

If any of these canines have your raising the woof, many Houston-area shelters are searching for foster homes after seeing an influx of drop-offs and fewer adoptions because of coronavirus. So, get out there and fetch your own compawnion.

Jackson the Dalmatian

A self-professed lover of bow ties and blueberries, this fun loving doggo is the dream for anyone who ever adored Disney’s 101 Dalmatians growing up. Named after pop icon Michael Jackson and his song “Black and White,” this 4 (almost 5)-year-old canine has been showing off his star power alongside his brothers for years. It’s no wonder he’s amassed a whopping 70.5K followers and inspired some pawsome fan art. Like the true champ he is, Jackson is also partaking in the coronavirus quarantine, working from home, and minimizing his time outdoors. Such a good boy!

Follow him @jackson_the_dalmatian.


A relative newcomer to Instagram, Ansel the Australian Shepard lives with three Scottish folds. While he’s only been on social for about six months, he’s got potential to be a real bone-a-fide star with his artsy photos and fun-loving personality, that's fur sure. According to his Insta, Ansel had immature cataracts in both eyes as a pupper, which required surgery, but he hasn’t let that slow him down. His feed is filled with all sorts of outside adventures, especially at Brazos Bend State Par.

Follow him @anselandthefolds.

Winston Moose

Dubbed “the people’s pooch,” this French fry-stealing cuddle bug is the furry companion of Sarabeth and Pierce Bush, nephew of George W. Bush and grandson George H. W. Bush. The golden retriever is always sharing his ultimutt escapades, which include wearing all sorts of hilarious costumes and being a giant scaredy cat, with his fanbase of 100K. But Winston, whose full name is Winston Moose Christmas Bush, doesn’t ever let fame to go his head; he’s both a model with the Dog Agency and is training to be a therapy dog.

Follow him @winston_moose.

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Noil the Doodle

Another young boy, Noil (that’s lion spelled backward, in case you didn’t notice) the golden doodle has spent basically his entire life on Instagram, so his thousand followers have gotten to watch him grow from an adorable pupperino into a handsome young man. And so far, he’s really living up to his big cat name—I mean check out that floof!

Follow him @dooditsnoil.

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