5 Things: The Lonely Listening Edition

5 Houston Podcasts to Fuel You Through Your Weekend

Texas history, barbecue, and space—what more could you need?

By Emma Schkloven April 10, 2020

Another week, gone. And at this point, you might be running out of things to watch on TV. Don’t panic if you’re not quite ready to hit the books. We’ve told you about some fantastic Houston podcasts before, but here’s a few more to get you through your ever-mounting sense of cabin fever this weekend.

Thirty Pop

From the host of Houston essential listening The H, comes this nostalgia-fueled blast from the past. Hustletown podcast king Luke Brawner and a rotating group of guests explore various elements of culture that are now 30 years old. We’re talking fashion essentials like slap bracelets, hit franchises like Back to the Future, and chart toppers like MC Hammer. The series started by delving into the kewlest and cringiest moments of the late ’80s. Now, we’ve re-entered the amazeballs era of the ’90s.

Listen here.

BBQ State of Mind

Every week, the Chron’s barbecue columnist J.C. Reid, restaurant critic Alison Cook, and food editor Greg Morago discuss the culture of our favorite, smoky, saucy food group in both Houston and beyond, interviewing some of the area’s biggest players as well as its up-and-comers. All this flavorful food talk will have you licking your lips and reaching for a bib.

Listen here.

Houston, We Have a Podcast

We don’t call ourselves Space City for nothin’, so it’s fitting that Johnson Space Center produces this science-themed masterpiece focusing on various topics connected with space flight, astronomy, and engineering, as well the personal stories of the people who make it all possible. Last week’s episode featured NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy, who just headed out on his third trip to space.

Listen here

Can’t Tell Us Nothing

This wonder comes straight from Houston improv troupe Can’t Tell Us Nothing. Listen as the 2018 contest4improv4humans take a rabbit hole of opinions, discussions, and conversations about everyday life and transform them into improv right before your eyes—well, ears. Just like in improv, there’re no rules and no limits to topics.

Listen here.

Wise About Texas

Everything’s bigger in the Lonestar State, including our history. It’s so big we need an entire show to cover it. And that’s just what Justice Ken Wise of the 14th Court of Appeals does in this podcast, sharing both your textbook history as well as the weird and quirky stuff you really want to know. Since Wise started in 2015, he’s discussed everything from forgotten battles of the Texas Revolution, to famous outlaws Bonnie and Clyde, to the experimental bat bomb from World War II.

Listen here.

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