Perfect Party

Fall's Perfect Party: The What-A-Strange-Year-We’re-Living-In Edition

This season we're inviting a Houston crew giving us hope during these bizarre times to our socially distanced shindig.

Edited by Dianna Wray September 29, 2020 Published in the Fall issue of Houstonia Magazine

The perfect party crew of guests who’ve managed to make a difference in these bizarre and difficult days.

There’s been very little of 2020 that can be described as normal, so for our (socially distanced, outdoor, masked-up) fall shindig, we’re inviting a crew of guests who’ve managed to make a difference in these bizarre and difficult days. Rapper and unofficial Mayor of H-Town Bun B claims a place of honor at our soiree, not only for personifying what it means to be trill, but also for being a key organizer behind Houston’s largely successful (and peaceful) George Floyd protest march. We’ll put the Israeli-born muralist Anat Ronen next to him, so they can discuss how she created the Discovery Green installation honoring essential workers in the middle of the pandemic. The Klein Oak High School football coach Jason Glenn—whose speech to his team in the wake of the Floyd protests, exhorting them to not let race, religion, or anything else divide them, went viral—also gets an invite. He’ll be seated next to Astros third baseman Alex Bregman, who put baseball’s prolonged offseason to exceptionally good use, raising $2 million for the Houston Food Bank and starting Bregman Cares, a nonprofit dedicated to helping out kids with autism, high school athletes, and first responders. And to round out the festivities, we’ll be joined by doctors Anisha Gupta and Sonali Patel, who have been offering free Bollywood dance classes via Zoom all year, with any donations going to a different charity each month. It may be a curse to live in interesting times, as the Chinese proverb says, but we’re blessed to have community members like these inspiring us through them.

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