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Curbside Larry Wants YOU to Vote ... from Your Car

Our favorite HCPL hype man is back to tell you all about Harris County's drive-thru voting.

By Emma Schkloven October 16, 2020

Curbside Larry, you’re our hero. Our favorite Southern-drawling, cheap cowboy hat-wearing hype man is back at it again. But he’s not listing off the kinds of books filling the stacks at the Barbara Bush Branch Library this time around. No, he’s here to help you “get your vote on.”

If you somehow haven’t heard of Curbside Larry (we’re so sorry if you haven’t), Houston’s own literacy hero burst onto the scene this summer with a hilarious video promoting the Harris County Public Library’s curbside pickup program and drove his pickup truck into our hearts.

Now, he’s telling us all about Harris County’s drive-thru voting system, which allows county residents to vote from the safety of their own vehicles.  

As Larry points out, there’re 10 drive-thru polling locations, including those at the Toyota Center and NRG Arena (be sure to check Harris County’s digital map for the most up-to-date information on polling sites). He also shares some of the safety precautions these polling locations are taking to protect voters from Covid-19, including providing masks if a driver doesn’t have one and handing out wet wipes to clean off your driver’s license before ID checks.

Not only is drive-thru voting an option during early voting, which runs through October 30, but it'll also be available on Election Day itself (that's November 3, in case you didn't know). So grab your keys and turn those tires in the direction of your closest polling station ... just maybe don't brush your teeth in the car like Larry does. 

Learn more about in-person and drive-through voting in our Early Voter guide

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