Well, Houston, 2020 is finally almost over. As we near 2021, though, we're reflecting on what has passed during a trip around the sun that has certainly been unlike any other. No one could say 2020 has played out in any way close to what we imagined when the new decade began last January. At that time, we were all full of excitement over the city's newest hotels, Houston's latest food halls, Lizzo's Rodeo performance, and barbecue. You know, the stuff that helped make up so much of day-to-day life in the Before Times. 

Then came the coronavirus, which hit like a ton of bricks, and Houstonians had to change course. Working from home, masking up, and quarantine became mainstays of our day-to-day vocabulary and lives. We've all had to pivot with our plans, our careers, our celebrations—Covid-19 truly reached into every aspect of our lives, something Houstonia has documented, as we witnessed our city enduring through shutdowns, economic fallout, and the loss of loved ones to this disease. However, we were also there to document the mercies of this year. The George Floyd protests that saw thousands of masked demonstrators gathering together peacefully in downtown; the many who pulled together to help out their neighbors through programs like Southern SmokeCovid-19 Relief FundHouston Area Arts Relief Fund; the ways people in this town stepped up again and again to help each other through these challenging times. 

So, as this strange, difficult year comes to a close, we're taking a look back at everything that happened, the good and the challenging, the mundane, and the extraordinary, all the moments in between. Here are our best photos of 2020. 

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