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Simone Biles ... We're Not Worthy

In this week’s installment, we talk about our hometown hero, basketball, and, because sure, Darth Vader. 

By Catherine Wendlandt May 28, 2021

So How Many Records Has Simone Biles Set Again? 

Spring’s Simone Biles is used to making history—she’s the most decorated gymnast in the world after all and has four moves named after her—but that’s not stopping her from pushing herself even further, and we are so here for it. 

Over the weekend, Biles became the first woman to land the Yurchenko double pike vault in competition. The pike, which is seemingly gravity-defying, has only been done a few times by men and never by a woman ... until now, obvi. 


After Biles landed, Twitter blew up, and the 24-year-old began receiving kudos from seemingly the entire world—even Michelle Obama tweeted to her. 

As for Biles, she’s just as proud of herself as we’d be—you know if we could even do a cartwheel. “I’m sorry but I can’t believe I competed a double pike on vault,” Biles tweeted.

It’s No Death Star, but ...

Real estate shopping across the galaxy, from Tatooine to Alderaan, can be hard, but luckily here in Space City, things are a little easier. 

On Thursday, Wade Knight with Martha Turner Sotheby's International Realty listed the “Darth Vader house,” the front facade of which looks eerily similar to Anakin Skywalker’s iconic mask (spoiler?), for a cool $4.3 million (you might need to bet the Millennium Falcon to get this home). 

While it’s not as spacious as the Death Star—but really what is?—the house, located at 3201 University Blvd., boasts 7,040 square feet, four bedrooms, five baths, a four-car garage, and an impressive visage that’s likely to strike fear in the heart of the Rebellion. 

See the listing for yourself here, but be sure to avoid the storm troopers

What’s the Best Basketball City in Texas? (Hint: It’s Not Dallas) 

The Rockets may not have made the NBA playoffs this year, but that’s okay—we’re rebounding because apparently Houston is one of the best cities for basketball fans.

Earlier this month, WalletHub released a report, rating 290 cities as the best (or worst) places for pro- and college-basketball fans. WalletHub used metrics like ticket prices, fan engagement, and performance level of teams. 

According to the report, Houston ranked eighth overall, falling just behind San Antonio (seventh), but creaming Dallas (who needs the Mavs?), which landed in 16th place. 

For some metrics, WalletHub's methodology used data only up to the 2018-19 season, which is forever ago if we're talking basketball (and especially if we're talking Houston basketball). With that in mind, Houston scored No. 1 in NBA team performance—you know, the Rockets were good once—and our “Performance Level of NCAA Div. 1 Basketball Team” rank is 174th. Considering the University of Houston men’s basketball team was pretty good back then (okay, maybe not "make-it-to-the-Final-Four" good, but still), we're begging the ref to call a foul

Anyways, Houston also ranked seventh in NBA attendance, ninth in number of NBA championship wins, and 11th in NBA fan engagement, so ... hey, alright!

But still, go Coogs.

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