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Houston's I-45 Takes the Title of Most Dangerous Highway in the U.S.

The country’s deadliest road is right here in Houston.

By Carolina Larracilla July 21, 2021

I-45 is named the most dangerous highway in the country. 

Here in Texas, we’ve seen our fair share of faulty driving and dangerous roads. In fact, Houstonia reported a drastic increase in road rage throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and, according to Budget Direct, car crashes increased by nine percent in Texas just last year. It seems that the empty roads—due to the ongoing shutdown—resulted in more speeding and reckless driving, and the Lone Star State topped the list with the most fatal car crashes. Based on Fort Worth Star-Telegram and driver’s ed provider IDriveSafely, 2020 crashes totaled to 3,800, an increase from the 3,600 in 2019. 

Unfortunately, that's not the worst of it. Texas is actually home to the most dangerous road with I-45, which averages 56.5 fatal accidents for every 100 miles. Houston itself also represents the most lethal stretch of the highway, with about 73 deaths in 2019.

This unfortunate statistic is no surprise to Houstonians, but I-45 is on its way to improve its faulty infrastructure working with the North Houston Highway Improvement Project. While I-45 is one of the only urban roads in the study, it shares this title with neighboring Revelstoke-Golden road in Canada (38 fatalities over a nine-year period) and the Mexico-Querétaro Highway in Mexico (3,500 accidents, 3,300 injuries, and 584 deaths in a six-year period).

Many of the highways in this study suffer from outdated and shoddy infrastructure, turning an ordinary driving mistake into a life-threatening situation. I-45 is also ranked one of the darkest highways in the country, and has the highest rate of drunk driving fatalities, according to PMR Law.

In conclusion, to make the roads more safer, stay off your phone while driving, and minimize all other distractions. 

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