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Houston Newlyweds Perform a 'Screwed Up' Inspired Freestyle

This H-town couple celebrates their nuptials with a tribute to DJ Screw.

By Shelby Stewart August 9, 2021


Houston couple Fatimat and Kingsley Okafor go viral for their Houston-inspired freestyle at their wedding reception. 

There are wedding reception entrances, and then there's wedding entrances from couples that are from Houston – there's a difference

Houston natives and now, newlyweds Dr. Fatima and Kingsley Okafor celebrated their nuptials with one of hip-hop's oldest traditions 一 a freestyle. The couple tells Houstonia that they were raised on DJ Screw and their passion for music is central to their relationship. 

"Sometimes we'll just freestyle in the car with each other," Fatima says. 

The Okafor's had initially planned to celebrate their union last summer, but the wedding was postponed due to COVID-19. Truly a match made in Houston, the couple wed on June 27 一 the widely celebrated Houston holiday commemorating DJ Screw.

The Okafor's are the Houston area couple that went viral for their wedding entrance. 

Kingsley "Rukus" Okafor, the rapper of the pair, came up with the idea to perform for their reception, but it was Fatima who stole the show with a freestyle completely off the dome. 

"Once we realized we were getting married on June 27, we were like 'we're from Houston, it's a Houston holiday. We've got to do this right,'" Fatima says. "I was really excited to be marrying my best friend and freestyling is something fun that we always do together."

Needless to say, Mr. and Mrs. Okafor entered their wedding reception with some heat.

"The idea of the freestyle simply came from how we wanted our relationship to be and how we wanted our wedding to be," Kingsley explains. "That has been one of the themes for us this year. We didn't want to shrink ourselves for anybody and didn't want to conform to what other people think."

The one-of-a-kind moment was captured by Bricks Media Group and went viral after being shared on social media, receiving nods from popular platforms like Black Love, The Shaderoom, as well as local radio station 97.9 The Box.

The moment has left the couple's phones inoperable, as they have received hundreds of text messages and calls from friends and family throughout the weekend. Fatima, who wasn't big on social media, made an account after the wedding and ended up with over 16,000 followers. 

Although their viral video has put them in the spotlight, the couple wants to show everyone 一 Houston and beyond 一 that their expression of love is authentic and true. 

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